- 1969 Ford Super Cobra Concept *Courtesy: FoMoCo & Carstyling.ru

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Before safety began molding our vehicles, concepts needed little shaving and rearranging to become viable road-going models. In an age dominated by jet inspiration style, Ford displayed one that had all the potential of being a tire burning terror on the oval track. Off of their Fairlane body morphed the "Super Cobra", a Detroit bullet anxious to shred our atmosphere.



Striking pose

Striking pose

Dressed in red, the Super Cobra slipped onto the New York Auto Show floor looking spacey as ever. Headlights hide behind partitioned grilles much like Pontiac's second generation GTO. The centerpiece looks much like a heater vent seen under 40s and 50s dashboards. 428 Cubic inches of "The Going Thing" brought enough beating power. The hood scoop resembling a small blower intake gobbled up gallons of air for those ravenous ponies.

Out back where competitors would most likely see most, a full length tail light bar pierces night's dark cloak. From this angle the Super Cobra would be at home zooming between satellites and stars. Two rectangular exhaust outlets centered beneath this light bar thump out sweet fumes. Aerodynamically a Super Cobra shares roof-lines with Torino Talladega brethren. As a place nearer to tasting moon cheese and intoxicated by Kubrick's visionary pictures, Earth couldn't fault Ford's hypothetical street slayer's style.

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  • As always, a great article Mark! This concept would seem to show some early influence of the new president Knudsen (esp the Poncho nose element) and Larry Shinoda (with more than a whiff of the great Syd Mead in the mix--especially in that 'wall-to-wall' white tailight and facia). One can see where the influence for the rear of the Millenium Falcon (ironically) came from.

      2 years ago