Forge M​ake The Most Underrated Hot Hatch Even Hotter

T​here are now loads of cool parts available to hop up the I30N hot hatch, so why not let Forge Motorsport make it even faster?

The Hyundai i30N has gained a fantastic reputation amongst industry stalwarts for its ability, power and involving handling, yet it’s slipped largely beneath the radar of most hot hatch fans, possibly because it has come out of nowhere given Hyundai’s reputation for producing safe, reliable shopping cars for those who arguably don’t really care much about performance or hooligan like drivability, but that’s all about to change! The i30N and Veloster N now come with a meaty, forced induction fed 2.0 T-GDI powerplant producing 275hp from the factory, but thanks to Forge Motorsport’s recent development programme for the car the gains have been rolling-roaded at Litchfield Imports with dramatic results, pitching the front wheel drive Hoondai well and truly into Uber-hatch territory! Thanks to the cat back exhaust toting demo vehicle and the latest exciting intake system from Forge, the car made very significant gains with simple bolt-on modifications, which have been capitalised upon further with an ECU remap to increase the boost pressure with revised ignition and fuelling tables to boot.

But what use is more power if the rest of the supporting cast aren’t up to scratch? After all, there’s no point having the fastest car on the street if it’s always on the back of a tow truck, right? For more smiles per gallon it’s vital to keep any vehicle rolling under its own steam, and never more so than in the wintertime when the roads are grubby and the weather less than favourable.

Enter stage left the Forge Motorsport Coolant Hose Kit for the i30N. This six-piece ensemble promises to keep all of the chilled stuff in the right place indefinitely. No more blown hoses are assured, but also with a nice little aesthetic lift to the engine bay at the same time.

They replace six of the OEM rubber hoses in the coolant system and Forge has designed these silicone hoses to withstand pressures that can be experienced on tuned and remapped engines. They will long outlast the original hoses and with Forge’s no-quibble limited lifetime warranty, you can be sure they won’t let you down.

Fitment is a breeze, but obviously requires draining down the system, so expect to labour for around one to two hours to secure them in place - full fitting instructions can be found on the Forge website -

They come in a choice of red, blue and black, so can be tailored to suit your engine bay aesthetic. Look for part number FMKC023 for more info online.

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