Forget blue, Bugattis should be red

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I’ve been lucky enough to have seen a ton of rare cars in person that were posters on my wall as a kid. McLaren F1’s, Porsche 959’s, and Ferrari F40’s. I’ve seen a Vector, the 1-of-1 AMG Hammer wagon, and even the funky ItalDesign Aztec. I’ve been to Pebble and saw Ferrari’s and Bugatti’s worth tens of millions. An XJ220, RS200, 037, Shelby Series 1, and a DeTomaso Longchamp. Ruxtons and Tatras too, plus all 3 Alfa BAT concepts. Still, I’ve yet to witness one of my all time favorite super cars: the Bugatti EB110.

I think most of us are familiar with the story, but in short, the Bugatti namesake was revived in the late 80’s to be reincarnated as a supercar built in Italy. Unfortunately, due to a global economic downturn, R&D costs of the stillborn EB112 super sedan, and an overzealous purchase of Lotus, the resurrected company was forced into bankruptcy by 1995. Less than 140 EB110’s were built, then a few more were finished by Dauer, and a couple became the Edonis from B. Engineering.

This AutoArt is a model of the “tamer” EB110 GT. Of course by tamer I mean the GT had a 3.5L quad-turbocharged 560hp V12 engine with twelve INDIVIDUAL THROTTLE BODIES that shot the EB110 up to 217mph. You know, tame. There was an even more powerful Super Sport trim at the top of Bugatti’s offerings, but sadly no such 1/18 exists yet. The SS is on AutoArt's upcoming release list and have teased a yellow deco sample on their Facebook page.

This cranberry red was the last color on my list, or maybe not even on my list at all. All EB110's should be French Racing Blue, it's basically law. However, when an AutoArt Bugatti gets marked down to a mere $128, you buy it no questions asked. Its seriously grown on me; I love it.

Being an AutoArt, the details are nothing short of amazing. The active rear wing can be deployed for display. Since the car was designed by the same man behind the Countach and Diablo, the EB110 features scissor doors. AutoArt uses real struts to prop said doors open. The front compartment also opens to reveal the battery and a couple fluid reservoirs. It’s all just downright beautiful.

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  • I had this in 1:18 blue as a teenager. Ahhh the memories.

    9 days ago
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  • Only one I've ever seen is in this pic. Oh a Cizeta Moroder for good measure. But yeah this burgundy esque color is amazing. It fits it so well!

    9 days ago
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