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Forget BMW, has anyone noticed how ugly Toyotas have gotten?

Compared to the rest of the lineup, the Prius actually looks quite good.

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I started writing this article as a "top 5 ugliest new cars of the year " list. While picking out the cars for this list, I found that 4 of them were Toyotas. How has Toyota managed to create such ugly cars without anyone noticing?

When Pontiac first produced the Aztek, everyone thought it was hideous - and it was. There were weird angles that didn't make any sense, the lines didn't line up, and it was covered in horrid black plastic.

When Nissan introduced the Juke, some people liked it, but most looked at it in disgust. Like the Aztek, there were weird lines going everywhere, the headlights were placed in a very questionable location atop the hood, and the rear door handles were stupid.

When BMW showed us the new 3 and 4 series, everyone was ready to puke from looking at the over-inflated kidney grilles.

But when Toyota introduced cars like the new Sienna, the new Venza, and the new Tundra, nobody said a word. It's not because they're pretty, which, lets be honest, they're uglier than pretty much anything out there right now. Don't believe me? Scroll up and look at that Tundra picture again.

I think Toyota has some sort of sick bet going on in its design department. "How ugly can we make a great car, and still have people buy it?" Given the number of Corollas and Venzas I've seen lately, I think the answer is pretty darn ugly.

If Toyotas have been progressively getting uglier, it makes me wonder, when was the last time Toyota made a good looking car? Was it back in the 90s with the Supra? A bit later with the GT86?

Not all of Toyota's lineup is ugly. Cars such as the Tacoma, Sequoia, and 4Runner, which haven't had a major refresh in ages still look alright. But I bet once they get an update, they'll be just as ugly as the Prius.

Have a look at the gallery below of Toyota's most recent cars in their lineup, and tell me which one is the ugliest. Take your time, it won't be an easy decision.

As a thank you for putting up with looking at all these ugly cars, please use this E-Type as eye-bleach



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Comments (84)

  • Fight me: I like the Tundra and BMW Supra’s look

      12 days ago
    • I really like the BMW supra but the tundra is quite ugly. I like everything else in the Toyota range, currently at least. I might come round to like the tundra eventually though considering what some cars are going to look like in the future.

        12 days ago
    • I personally think the Tundra suits the tough built-to-last image of pick-ups which is why I seriously don't mind it. I'm surprised the rest are actually so controversial.

        12 days ago
  • It's a shame they're introducing a new Tundra, the current one looks decent and is a great truck. The CH-R is probably the worst looking out of all of these.

      12 days ago
  • Yes. They look like they’ve been attacked rather than designed.

      11 days ago
  • Where did it all go so wrong

      10 days ago
  • Wise man said if you want to be happy the rest of your life, dont make a beautiful woman your wife

    Long after your Alfas and Astons and Jags are relegated to the painful reality of poor reliability, my Lexus sedan and Toyota pickup will still be running perfectly

      10 days ago