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Cars are getting faster, but it's 1950's style that's got people talking...

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In an age of Casino-Royale, high-speed chases and Bugatti Veyrons, it's easy to think that unless our car is made of aluminium and more lightweight than a baby's bonnet, that we're doing it wrong and somehow missing out.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Granted, a shiny red Ferrari LaFerrari would be a welcome edition to any driveway...but tell me, would you rather own a Ferrari LaFerrari or, say, The Eiffel Tower?

Hear me out. The Empire State Building would have been truly impressive when it was built - it attracts (and I'm being generous) almost 4 million tourists per annum - the same number as the Colosseum in Rome, which attracts a little over this number. But both these are dwarfed by the most visited monument in the world - the Eiffel Tower, which commands an audience of 7 million people each year.

And yet it's much older.

The secret? It's French. And the French, whether we like it or not, understand the art of 'class' like no other group of people. They have the ability to take something like smoking - scientifically proven to be a biological assassin, and make it look so sexy you start to ponder opening your own tobacconist's. Their secret? When was the last time you saw a French woman (the movies don't count, as nudity is a fundamental element of French cinematic experience) walk around in short shorts, Ug boots, and chewing gum? Never. Their fashion is conservative, modest, and classy. And class is timeless.

Classy women in eye-catching cars has been a thing long before the word had even heard of 'NASCAR' or the very first Lamborghini had even rolled off the production line. For the same reason that the La Ferrari is beautiful but a lowered Honda Civic with mag wheels is tacky, vintage is back with a vengeance and here to stay...because it never really left.

How to get the look:

I'm going to do a plug for my country and use one of our actresses, Antonia Prebble, in her role as Rita West. Rita's makeup is late 60s/early 70's, but adds a bit of spice to the old school look and achieves the same effect.

Note Rita's up-do with lots of volume - straightening is strictly out.

Note Rita's up-do with lots of volume - straightening is strictly out.

Wash and dry your face, and apply toner. Use a full-coverage, non-greasy foundation (a light one will do if you have naturally flawless skin like Antonia). Contouring should be minimal but remember to highlight above your cheekbones.

Apply a neutral, skin-coloured eyeshadow liberally around your eyes. Then, apply a gold or copper (my preference is copper) shimmer eyeshadow to your lids only, leaving a clear strip right above your lashes. Apply liquid eyeliner above your upper lash line, branching out to an outer wing. This will take practice!

Penultimately, apply false lashes. When choosing lashes you want to go for natural but long and curled types, and stick to clear strips at the top (some are black but this can look too severe if you aren't experienced with the liner and lash application). Run some eyebrow pencil over your brows and you're all but done.

The final thing to consider is your lips. You have two options. The first is the sixties look, and that involves a nude lip:

Or, depending on your skin tone (and mood!) you might opt for red lipstick:

Note how Audrey's makeup is strong but clean - the red lipstick replaces too much trashy 'bling'. Again, there is volume to her hair.

Note how Audrey's makeup is strong but clean - the red lipstick replaces too much trashy 'bling'. Again, there is volume to her hair.

Clothing is your choice, but remember that class and flesh are antonyms in the fashion world, so keep clothing modest and skirts or dresses knee-length when trying to pull this look off. Then go out there and rock it, because women and cars go together like strawberries and cream. And if you needed further proof....

Yep that's the Queen. And she owns a Range Rover.

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  • Very Good!! I really like the Classic look, seems with most cars today try to be what their not.. In stead of celebrating what their are (amazing engineering machines!! I do love all autos, but certain ones whether they're good or not, just make you fell in love with them.. One of my all time favorite cars was the MGB, I just Love them!! I had 2 as a teenager.. I wish I still had them!! I was really shocked to learn that MG's weren't considered a very good car by other people.. Nevertheless They will always hold a warm place in my heart..

    I really liked your post!! Great work!!!

      3 years ago
  • Yeah right

      3 years ago
  • Very interesting

      3 years ago