Forget the Stats, This is an Experience: Porsche 911 Speedster

15w ago


Heritage is something that every old car manufacturer has but every car maker has different ways of remembering it. Some remember it by hanging it in the wall of their headquarters or showrooms, while some remember it by putting it in a museum and then there are those who celebrate their Heritage by giving us a car that is confined to small number of units.

But when a carmaker like Porsche that has been screaming about electrifying the car industry by giving us cars like the Taycan, comes up with an idea of a special car that would celebrate a generation, the bells start ringing. So the 911 Speedster was something that was not expected to materialize easily from paper to the road.

Here we are then with the 911 Speedster, a 911 that is the ultimate Swansong of the 991 generation, a generation I think is one of the finest the 911 badge has seen. This might just be the finest 911. Remember these are the words of a person who believes that nothing can beat the 911 R. Porsche have just gone out there and broken their own record.

Its got the combined elements of the GT3, GT2, and bits and pieces of other 991s all assorted perfectly into a Carrera 4 Cabriolet.

This has got a naturally-aspirated (how often do you heard this word) flat-six that feeds the power to the rear wheels and you have a gear lever in your hand which is marked till six.

There are a lot of vibes in the Speedster, you get the 911R vibe while using the six-speed manual gearbox, then when it goes all the way to 9000rpm you get the Carrera GT vibe and probably here the best noise ever made by an engine. Ever.

In this era of turbocharged machines you might feel that the Speedster feels like an old man whose stories give you all the joy and moral lessons but he cannot walk quickly. Just good sitting in that rocking chair. The Speedster though feels fast, this feels fresh.

Making any kind of comparisons of this with any McLaren or Ferrari or any other car are irrelevant You don't have the right to do that as the Speedster is made because Weissach Has A Sense Of Humour.

Porsche gives you the option to get this in the Heritage Design package which gives you Gear lever with shift pattern in Cognac and raised, gold-coloured ‘Speedster’ logo on the dashboard trim strips, Storage compartment lid embossed with ‘Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur’, vehicle key painted with key pouch in leather, Full bucket seat in Cognac leather with historic Porsche Crest embossed on the headrest, limited edition plaque with gold-coloured anniversary logo.

What you don't get in this lavish list of options is the a Power-operated roof, but we should thank the Weissach Gods to give us a roof because this car was initially made with no roof. Now you get the luxury of getting out of the car and doing it the manual way.

The little complain I have from Porsche is that you don't Special numbering. When you are buying a celebration, you want it to be unique but you don't get that. There's no air-conditioning as the air god is there to help you and you also don't get any navigation, at least in Europe but you won't need it as you'd want to be lost in the mountains forever. You, the car and the scenery.

The original speedster on the left makes every 911 look like a hatchback

Just like every 911, Porsche has defied the Physics once again as the Speedster doesn't feel it is rear-engined. The beauty of changing directions with the harshest of steering inputs making you feel like you are in a short wheelbase is the magic of the Stuttgart Gods.

The most relishing part of this swansong is that it gives us the glipmse that the N/A has a future not only in motorsport but also on the road. This warms the feelings of every car lover who doesn't care about polar bears.

This is right now the most desirable object on the earth, and i want it