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Forgotten concept: Alfa Romeo Bella

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Throughout its history, Alfa Romeo had quite a lot beautiful models. From old Giulias and 6Cs to modern Brera and 4C, they have been offering some amazing cocktails of elegance and sportiness combined into one. There were some gorgeous concepts as well, and one of the jaw-dropping concepts was the amazing Bella.

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When they presented the 156 in 1996, Alfa's future looked bright. The car won many awards and became their bestseller. And, of course, they wanted to continue making successful cars, which led to making the 166 in 1999. That one was also a hit, and Alfa's sale numbers skyrocketed. Later we got models like the 147, GT, and Spider. But, Alfa had a plan to expand their range with a luxurious 2+2 coupe.

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And that's why they presented the Bella concept in 1999. They renowned their partnership with Bertone, and the first thing they did was come up with a model that could properly represent Alfa's name. The Bella was made on a 166 chassis, and initially had a 2.0-litre straight-4 engine. But, just before the revealing, the company gave it a 3.0-litre Busso V6 with 225 HP.

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The interior remained the same as in the 166 and featured a red leather trim with some metallic silver touches. Unlike most concepts, Bella is driveable and many journalists had a chance to sit in this beautiful machine.

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Sadly, the car never went into production. No one knows why the project was scrapped, but I believe that this is the type of car that Alfa should make today. Few months ago, the company revealed their 5-year plan, and they are currently working on some cool models, including a Giulia coupe. But, I would love it if they introduced a car like Bella into their range. Don't get me wrong, I love their current models, but I think that a grand tourer like Bella would be a cherry on the cake.

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  • Seems like half the basis of the newest Nissan GTR.... that “race helmet greenhouse” came out of the blue in the early-2000’s but seeing where this design came from, it all makes sense. It really is a bold design for sure!

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  • what is that....

    2 months ago


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