Former Sébastien Loeb Xsara WRC converted into 550+Hp HillClimb Monster

Philippe Dewulf´s Citroen Hillclimber is a machine with a lot of history behind it

This is Philippe Dewulf´s Citroen Xsara WRC, one of the great dominators of the Belgium Hillclimb scene, in its impressive participation on the 5 Nations Trophy at Turckheim Hillclimb 2020. Finishin inside the 5 fastest cars on the whole event, this ex-World Rally Championship car has quite an interesting story behind.

Originally built by Citroen Racing as a works WRC car, this is chassis #17, built and raced during the 2002 season where a certain Sebastien Loeb completed some Rallyes with it, retired between 2003 and 2004 but recovered by privateer team OMV where it was mainly driven by Xevi Pons during the 2005 season. After that it was converted into a Rallycross car by Marc Laboulle, fighting for the French Rallycross Championship and where it saw its power increase to well over 500Hp and its weight decrease thanks to the freedom offered by the RX rulebook.

It was then in 2014 that Mr. Dewulf aquired this storied machine and brought with some great success to the Hillclimb world, where we can still see it being raced in anger. And for that we can only be thankful...

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  • That is one seriously high strung, anti-lag firing speed machine. 👍

      8 months ago