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Formula 1 could have a new logo after trademark application with EU IPO - report

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Reports of Formula 1 bringing in a new logo has started to surface after the Formula One Licensing B.V applied for three new designs on November 17.

The F1 license team has applied with the European Union Intellectual Property Office under the Nice classification, with the current status depicting that the application is under examination.

A total of six logos have been submitted with different trademark numbers, which includes logos omitting the 'Formula 1' text in writing.

The first logo with Trademark number 017494774 is:

Logo 1 [Copyright: EU IPO]

The second logo with Trademark number 017494832 is:

Logo 2 [Copyright: EU IPO]

The third logo with Trademark number 017494907 is:

Logo 3 [Copyright: EU IPO]

The current logo, which was first seen in the 1994 season, has 'F1' is depicted by a black 'F' and a white '1' emphasised by a red flying flag graphic.

According to F1 reporter Joe Saward, it is believed that the new logo, whether from the above three or a totally new one, could feature as early as the next weekend's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

It is said that Liberty Media is trying to remove everything from the Bernie Ecclestone-era, giving the sport a new look - which will be identified as their's and not as its previous owners.

Another reason for the change being talked about is, the issue with identifying '1' in the current logo, with many seeing the logo as merely a flying 'F'.

And so, making it much more simpler with just 'F1' will be hugely impactful for the management, especially in terms of branding - in selling different official items with the logo.

It remains to be seen whether there will be any change or if Liberty Media is simply trademarking as many versions of F1, so that no one else could use them in the future.

While F1, may or may not ask your opinion, here's your chance to still vote for the best - choose from the four options and select the one you like (Please refer to the image captions above to know 'Logo 1, 'Logo 2 and 'Logo 3'):

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