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Another great year for the sport?

34w ago

The 2020 season has been over for more than a month now and my withdrawal symptoms are only getting more and more severe. I’ve now perfected every line to my local ASDA (being purple in all sectors), I’ve traded my bed for a racecar bed, I’ve taken all the body panels off my car to make it open-wheeled, I’ve practiced my shoeys out of my muddy trainers and I’ve started drafting police cars to reduce my fuel consumptions. I thought I could use this article as an opportunity to vent my excitedness.

2020 was my first year as Formula 1 spectator. I say first year, but I only started watching after the 70th anniversary race at Silverstone. So not even a year. However, a lot of the bits that I did watch, were spectacular! Gasly’s win at Monza, Stroll somehow getting pole, Grosjean’s rising from the flames like a bloody French phoenix. It was a thrilling sight. Yes, there was some races that didn’t quite excite like others, but they were still very decent entertainment. And also, yes, the Mercedes dominance does take out a bit of the fun, but the midfield battles can still be just as exciting as a title battle, with reputations and egos on the line. I think the 2021 season should also be great. As I shall explain.

The last season was the final year in a lot of the drivers’ contracts, with some renewing their contracts, some moving to other teams and some leaving the sport. This means that this new season will introduce us to some new drivers, as well as some returning drivers (only 1 returning driver actually, but I’m trying to build suspense, so just play along). The returning driver is the 2-time World Champion of Fernando Alonso, who will be the partner of Esteban Ocon at the rebranded Renault Sport team, now called Alpine. The new drivers are Mick Schumacher, Nikita Mazepin and Yuki Tsunoda, all former F2 drivers. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Mazepin and whether or not he deserves the seat after some of his past actions, so for the first time I will refrain from my opinion. Since my initials aren’t ‘FIA’, I wouldn’t have an effective say in this anyway, but I will plop a small fact in here. In F1, cash is king. And Daddy has dollar. There are big team changes going on too, I will get on to those soon, but for now, I’ll just say that someone who’s name begins with ‘C’ and ends with ‘arlos Sainz’ won’t be too happy with their new tractor. Sorry, I mean car.

The popularity of the Netflix series, ‘Drive to Survive’, has really added a new dimension to the world of F1. It’s made the drivers appear as more than the pilots of petrol-powered carbon fibre arrows, that whiz around at over 200mph. The documentary has given them backstories by adding more tension to the races and emotion to the results. Each slight disruption to a driver's race can be heart-stopping for some people, meaning no one wants to miss a thing. This makes the sport more engaging and interesting to watch. The new contracts will add to that too, giving more stories to follow in this automotive world. Firstly, we have Ricciardo to McLaren with Norris. So, this is Norris’ test to see if he can live up to the standards of the Honey Badger, with as much success as he did with his former teammate of Sainz. McLaren have also signed an engine deal with Mercedes, so we may see a new contender for 2nd as a constructor. We also have Vettel, hoping to make a scene at the new team of Aston Martin. And finally, is my biggest excitement of Russell. There hasn’t been any team change or any sort of contract change here (yet), but this is his year to prove that he has what it takes to be in the top team of Mercedez for 2022. This is his sort of audition if you liked. He proved he had pace up against Bottas at the Sakir GP, but now is his time to shine and show that he is World Champion material.

I’m afraid that’s it for my excitement happy rant about next season in Formula 1. I could’ve said a lot more, but it would’ve stopped making literary sense and probably would’ve turned into a sort of hieroglyph. Anyway, apologies for the brief absence, I’m sure I was missed. I will try to improve. Cheers, bye.

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  • So excited bout the drive to survive of this last season, it will be so dramatic to watch, and also interesting to see the behind the sense of the races

      7 months ago
  • I love reading your posts! I totally agree, it’s Russel audition for Mercedes.

      7 months ago