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The 2017 Formula 1 season has seen a growth of 8 percent in fan attendance from 2016, according to the official figures. The report from F1 also stated that more than four million fans flocked the circuits during the course of the season.

The average weekend attendance per event was estimated to be 203,570, while for Sunday's only, it was approximately calculated to be 76,722 fans. The last year's average weekend attendance figures was estimated to be 182,900.

In a direct comparison, F1 states that the average number is reportedly more than the events like the UEFA Champions League, the Premier League, Budesliga in 2016/17, the NFL in 2016 and the FIFA World Cup in 2014.

The reports also add that 13 race events saw a boost in fan numbers, with the Azerbaijan GP seeing a massive growth of 58 percent, while in pure numbers both the Canadian GP and the Austrian GP saw 60,000 more people in attendance from its 2016 figures, across the weekend.

"The 2017 season was a great spectacle, on and off track, thanks to drivers, teams and, most of all, fans, the beating heart of our sport," F1's Commercial Head Sean Bratches.

“An attendance of more than 200,000 per event means that for 20 weekends per year, the population of a medium-sized city visits a race track to watch to a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

"Our duty is to make each of these events even more entertaining to unleash what is the greatest racing spectacle on the planet," he added.

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