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Formula 1 unveils new logo in Abu Dhabi, brand re-launch set for March 2018

The new owners brings the change from next year.

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Liberty Media applied for three new designs with the European Union Intellectual Property Office last week, when reports surfaced of a change in Formula 1's logo.

The change was confirmed by the F1 boss Chase Carey and the FIA during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend, with the media given a briefing on the reasons for the change.

The change in logo is just the Stage 1 for Liberty Media to make F1 its own brand, with more changes incoming in the new season, which includes opening of a merchandise store.

"I think from a broader perspective, we would like to include this into a much larger brand re-launch that is going to take place in March, where we are going to re-launch the brand," said Sean Bratches.

"We will producing a new graphic package for our television production, we are going to outline a new production conceit, unveil a brand new responsive red platform, social capabilities with live and non-live OTT (Over The Top) platform, because this is Formula 1.

"We have to prepare for the future, the day after the last grand prix, which concludes today, we needed to provision this mark to our partners, promoters, sponsors and broadcasters partners, we have a new merchandise partner next year, re-invent the way - we are actually going to have a massive store with fixtures and changing rooms, so we had to provision the mark early.

"So, we thought this was an opportune time to outline what we feel is a mark that we feel is going to take us in the future, we hold in high regard the incumbent mark, it served Formula 1 extremely well over the past for what I believe the past 23 years.

"in terms of where we were taking the business and our vision for the business, it's the negative space in the 1 doesn't come through candidly in digital and in fact if I had to mark a poll, the number of people I have met and discussed about the mark since I have got in here, many of them in years and years have not the understanding that the invisible space between the F and red is actually the 1, so we wanted to keep it simple and clear.

"Secondarily, I think it is important for the digital space as we develop and build the brand, particularly in the world of licensing, we do have an extraordinary brand which we feel that fights at the high end of the everything we do, we really can't stitch the shevering to the right.

"So, we are trying to re-position Formula 1 from a just a purely motorsport company to a media and entertainment brand with the heart and soul of a race car driver in the middle of it and I think the brand and your mark really represents of where you going, an identifier for consumers and fans, in terms of how they represent the company or the brand.

"There are number of brand, particularly in this day and age which are trying to simplify there mark to enter the digital space, you look at Starbucks as an example, Coca Cola which has taken the condensation of their logo to enter the digital.

"We thought we have to go a little bit further and really reach to a....in a going forward basis. We consulted with the FIA, certainly Jean Todt on this effort and it was really productive. Weiden & Kennedy, our agency of record in London, who we work with in brand studies and other initiatives have been closely tied to this effort."

The designer of the logo, Ellie Norman explained the new style, which she believes is two cars on a race track crossing the finish line - which is much more simpler for a fan to understand and relate to.

"We actually have an incredibly iconic logo currently, but as we kind of look to the future, for me it is a kind of having a badge and we need bring some identity to Formula 1," she said. "This kind of stoned from the research we did with fans across the world earlier this year.

"The new design is an inspiration from what we learned from the fans and the association that they want to have with the sport, pretty simply, the fans want to get back to racing and what racing means to fans and that's about the realness of it, the human element and that kind of where we racing.

"I have created this logo, it takes inspiration from the low-profiled shape of two cars crossing a finish line and it is incredibly bold and simple, so that we apply this in the market being mobile and digital led, we have much more reflect-ability and versatility of this logo.

"Another kind of important fact that was actually looking into at motorsports and motorsport is definitely sort of a segment which is a full of logo upon logo and so we need to ensure that this identity works alongside the team's logo, our partners logos, promoters, etc."

The new logo has already been tested on various platforms, whether digital, helmets, driver overalls, track signage, pit lane to bring out the differences and conform it with all the platforms the logo will be incorporated on.

The teams were given a trial on Thursday in Abu Dhabi and as it is now, it will not be mandated for them to use the logo - it will remain voluntary for them.

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  • Can they please just release a world wide streaming service !!

      2 years ago
  • Like a modernized version of the McLaren F1 (road car) badge.

      2 years ago
  • Nice... more red

    Red = Scuderia Ferrari

      2 years ago
  • "So, we are trying to re-position Formula 1 from a just a purely motorsport company to a media and entertainment brand".


      2 years ago
  • They are killing the sport

      2 years ago


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