Formula 2 is Better than Formula 1. Here’s why

F2 is better than F1 in terms of the racing. Find out why

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Formula 2 is last step before young drivers find a seat in Formula 1. This is the place where all young and upcoming drives show their skills to impress the Formula 1 teams into signing them. Even though, Formula 1 is considered the pinnacle of motorsports, Formula 2 provides better racing and entertainment.


Formula 1 cars need to be designed to fit the Technical Regulation released by the FIA. Teams can exploit any loophole they find and gain extra performance on their cars. Teams can also push their cars to maximum and also gain performance there. But, to do this you require money, and that the problem. The FIA doesn’t distribute the money evenly between the teams. So, the teams which receive more money invest more and have better cars. This differentiation in between teams makes the F1 racing too dull. In Formula 2, However, all the cars are made by the FIA, which means that the teams cannot change the chassis or the aerodynamics of the car. The only place where you can improve your car is the Engine, but there also the regulation has a too small margin for variation. This make the F2 racing fun to watch and also proves to the F1 teams which drivers are better than the others.


As mentioned earlier, F1 has a lot of areas where you can improve your car. In recent years humans have advanced in technology a lot means that now we can understand how the air behaves. With a better understanding F1 teams have created cars that can manipulate the air vary easily. But all this manipulation causes a vacuum to be formed which reverses the effect of any aerodynamic device that is put on the car. To fill this vacuum teams use vortexes, this disturbs the air once it passes the car. F1 cars are designed to work the best when in clear air. When trailing another car, the car gets the vortexes not clear air, this reduces the aerodynamic effects of cars, in turn slowing the cars through corner. Ultimately, F1 cars find it difficult to follow other F1 cars. F2 cars made by FIA, makes less dirty air or vortexes so, any car can easily follow other cars and potentially overtake them in the first opportunity. Again, improving the racing of F2.


In F1, there are 7 sessions divided across 3 different days. On Friday, there is Free Practise 1 & 2; on Saturday there is Free Practise 3 & Qualifying(which is divided into 3 further sessions: Q1, Q2 and, Q3); finally on Sunday there is the Race. F2 follows a different pattern. On Friday there is Qualifying like in F1. On Saturday there is the Feature race, which is a longer race and has the starting grid based on the qualifying results on Friday. On Sunday there is the Sprint race which is a smaller race. The grid for this race is based on the results of the Feature race but, the top 8 are reversed. Meaning the driver who finished 8th in the feature race starts 1st in the Sprint; 7th starts 2nd; 6th starts 3rd and so on. The reversed grid also provides a better racing as drivers starting lower will be wanting to make their way through the field.


In F1, Pit Stops are mandatory in order to reach the end without puncturing your tyres. They are very tense moment inside the teams as one pit stop can gain or lose you many positions depending on when you pit, how fast your tyres are changed, and did you get an undercut or overcut. F1 pit stops have 16 crew members each have an especially important job with 3 crew members on each wheel. This number can also increase if you replace your front wing. In general, F1 pit stops are between 2 – 3 seconds without a front wing change and 7 – 8 seconds with a front wing change. But, in F2 there are only 8 crew members and only 1 member per wheel. This means that in F2 pit stops are longer almost about 5 seconds and no extra members are allowed. So, the time taken to change your front wings and tyres are over 15 seconds. This means drivers need to be especially careful when driving not to damage the front wings, because if they do, they will lose a lot of time in the pit stops.


In a nutshell, F2 is a very entertaining to watch and also is a superb platforms for young drivers to show their skills and secure a place in F1. Drivers like Lando Norris, George Russell, Alexander Albon, Charles Leclerc, and Nicholas Latifi have all been in F2(or GP2 as it was previously known as) and have made their way to Formula 1.

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