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Formula Drift announces controversial rules for PRO2 replacement PROSPEC class

The changes will be rolled out over the next three years.

5w ago

A few days ago, DriveTribe broke news of Formula Drift transforming their PRO1 feeder series, PRO2, into the PROSPEC Championship.

At the time, rules and regulations weren't released, but through the "drift grapevine" we have our first look at the rules and they are quite drastic.

The rules will be changed in a three phase roll out for the next three years.

Formula Drift | Larry Chen

Formula Drift | Larry Chen

Starting in 2021, all competition vehicles must be equipped with a H-pattern transmission. Sequential transmissions will no longer be allowed.

Starting in 2022, Link ECU will be the exclusive ECU supplier for the PROSPEC series and will be mandatory in all PROSPEC competing vehicles. The ECU's will be provided free of charge to all 2021 season long PROSPECT competitors.

Starting in 2023, aftermarket brake/clutch pedal assemblies, aftermarket steering columns, and potentially radiators being forced to be in the engine bay and not the drift car staple of being in the rear.

You can see how even the first years changes could be expensive to some of the lone wolf programs competition in PRO2. A lot of PRO2 programs have only begun obtaining the ever important sponsorships and if lets say you already had a ECU partner lined up that was not Link ECU you pretty much have to burn that bridge.

I cannot imagine what some drivers, like Micah Diaz or Josh Robinson, who built cars for the 2020 season and were coming to 2021 with near brand new cars and now have to change them in the coming years.

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  • The rule changes will widen the gap from PRO1 to PROSPEC classes but will bring more exposure to the PROSPEC drivers/teams. It’s a give and take for sure.

      1 month ago