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Formula Drift Skills Battle 2021

Some of Formula Drift's best go head to head before the season starts to see who has the best skills.

2d ago

Last year, Formula Drift started a unique event that they are following up with this year - the Formula Drift Skills Battle. The idea is to take some of Formula Drift's fan favorite competitors and see who is the king after the group takes on a few challenges at the House of Drift - Irwindale Speedway.

The competitors included: Aurimas "Odi" Bakchis, Trenton Beechum, "Rad Dan" Burkett, Rome Charpentier, Michael Essa, Dylan Hughes, Jeff Jones, Kyle Mohan, and Daijiro Yoshihara.

This group of 9 FD driver competed in a Biggest Backie challenge judged by former FD judge Andy Yen, FD driver Ken Gushi and YouTube star TJ Hunt who judged the competitors on their degree of backward angle and speed of rotation through a turn, a Driftcross autocross-style challenge, where the winner would have the fastest timed over two laps, with each cone collision adding a 0.2sec penalty, and a Drag Race sprint down the 1/8th-mile Irwindale drag strip.

In the end, it was 2011 FD Champion Daijiro Yoshihara who took the top spot. Last years winner Odi Bakchis took second, and Michael Essa grabbed third. “It was really good to win this event against a competitive field of fellow FD PRO drivers,” said Yoshihara Dai. “This was a great way to kick off the 2021 season, and I hope to be winning more events as the season unfolds.”

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