Formula E becomes world's first zero carbon sport

ABB FIA Formula E Championship has achieved a net-zero carbon footprint, 6 years after it was created.

The success of Formula E has proven that you don't need deafening sonic noises coming from a F1 car to enjoy a good race, and things are about to get better as the championship has recently announced that it has managed to achieve its ultimate goal of completely reducing carbon emissions.

In a press-release published on their official site, Formula E has revealed that they have managed to accomplish the task by measuring the carbon output, making events more sustainable, and offsetting unavoidable emissions through investment in Gold and Verified Carbon Standard UN projects; this was an approach set out by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The announcement was also made at Climate Week NYC 2020, where Formula E's CEO Jamie Reigle signed EU's letter in support of the UN's Race to Zero campaign was signed; the latter scheme aims to create a decarbonised economy.

You can read Formula E's full press-release below:

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Comments (4)

  • Not the news we want. But the news we need.

      8 months ago
  • "offsetting unavoidable emissions through investment in Gold and Verified Carbon Standard UN projects"

    Practically all their emissions are "unavoidable". So in reality they really aren't "carbon zero", they just have a lot of money to spend on carbon credits and supposed "Verified Carbon Standard UN projects"

    This a very common practice in the car world: most notably is the FCA getting carbon credits from tesla, which is one of tesla's biggest profit makers.

    Got to love the good ol' business world

      8 months ago
  • Does zero emission means that car is not emitting any fumes?.

      8 months ago
    • Their definition of "emission" is carbon dioxide emission only. Tyre smoke and coolant leak don't count.

        8 months ago