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Formula E has teased new 'Gen 2 Evo' car for February reveal

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The FIA Formula E Championship has teased an evolved car to be revealed in February under the name 'Gen 2 Evo'.

Formula E moved towards a futuristic-looking Gen 2 car, which was introduced in Season 5 in 2018/19. In a space of two seasons, the electric racing series is ready for an upgrade with the tease of a 'Gen 2 Evo' car, possibly from Season 7 onward.

Since the first season of Formula E, it has only used Spark SRT01e and the SRT05 chassis and this could be an evolution to the latter. The full car is likely to be revealed to public on February 4 with the series only sharing one image, asking, "Notice a difference?"

Ahead of the 2019/20 Formula E season, the series confirmed that the current Gen 2 machines will continue until Season 8 but will see some changes. The image shows the front-right of the new vehicle along with part of the front wing.

It suggests revisions on wheel fairings and an evolved front wing - with the former being open-wheeled rather than having a cap as per the current car. It will be an interesting change as front-end bodywork has had a mixed reactions, especially during clashes.

It maybe that 2019/20 Formula E season is the last for the Gen 2 car with the Gen 2 Evo making its debut next year. The current season has Mercedes' Stoffel Vandoorne heading the drivers' standings, while BMW Andretti is leading the teams' championship.

[Image courtesy: Formula E] [Note: This story was also written by me on FormulaRapida.net]

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