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Formula One is so Annoying

This is a ones a bit of a rant.

37w ago


As much as I love Formula One it can annoy me sometimes.

One minute we have amazing races like Brazil and Germany. Then we have terrible, terrible news. It's kind of like getting what you want for Christmas, but you open it and batteries are not included.

The news I'm on about though is that Nico "The Hulk" Hulkenberg will NOT be on the grid next season and that is truly sad.

Well although it's not officially confirmed, we all know the sad truth that Hulk will not be at Williams as he is not the "Right Person" for the job. Which is a nice way to say they didn't offer enough money?

But for a caliber of someone like Nico they should deserve to stay on the grid as in my opinion, there are much worse drivers on the grid. *Cough Cough Grosjean*.

I was so surprised and shocked when Haas announced Romain Grosjean was staying on for another year as I think he has had his heyday. He's a lot like a bad smell. He just doesn't go away. No matter how many times you spray air freshener.

I think Guenther Steiner is going to need therapy for the next season. #Grosjeanout.

I rant and rave although it has been a tough season for Haas, in which their last points score was in Spain, I feel like a driver change would have been a world of good, to give them a boost. As Grosjean has been there since the start.

Although the Magnussen and Hulk pairing may have been an issue I feel like a spicy relationship would maybe push the team? Who knows.

Anyway, I can feel the hate comments coming through already, "But Hulk has never scored a podium" or "He's had his chance" and "Grosjean isn't that bad". Yes, Hulkenberg has been in F1 for 10 seasons and has the unique records of having 176 starts and no Podiums or wins. The longest ever.

He's had a number of chances, most recently in the 2019 German Grand Prix where he was, sort of, in a position to score 3rd. Unfortunately, he crashed.

But for some reason it's just never happened, the wrong place at the wrong time.

So there is that. But its also the lack of teams as well as the teams relying on younger talent for the future. As Renault made the decision to sign Esteban Ocon rather than Hulk. Which is a fair move. As we know Ocon is a great talent.

But one we were all pretty shocked about.

It's just sad.

So with Hulkenberg out of F1 next year what are his options. Indycar back to the WEC? Maybe a reserve driver role to keep a foot in F1? Maybe Ferrari will make a test driver like the other F1 rejects. No offence guys.

Maybe We'll see the Hulk back in F1, with 2021 on the horizon teams will be looking for experience and stability. Maybe even the likes of new teams...


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Comments (3)

  • Sadly he also doesn't have daddy Stroll's money to keep him in F1

      8 months ago
  • Tis a shame. He's a much better driver than his record of no podiums suggests

      8 months ago
  • It's just the sport. It can bite really badly sometimes.

      8 months ago