FORREST GRUMP. Woidwerk’s ‘Mad Fritz’ BMW R80 Cafe Roadster

5w ago


If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise. Namely, Ralf from Bavaria’s Woidwerk motorcycles (literally, ‘Forest Factory’) tearing shit up on his latest creation, a BMW R80 roadster he calls ‘Mad Fritz’. Well, you’d be mad too if you looked this good and had to spend all your time hidden in a forest.

“I grew up with motorcycles and wrenching ,” says Ralf from inside the forest. “Even today, my grandfather is still a motorcyclist at the age of 86 and he has always welcomed me in his garage. After an education as a master mechanic, many personal vehicle projects and plenty of professional experience in building racing prototypes, my small custom bike garage Woidwerk was founded in 2015. My workshop is located in the deepest Bavarian Forest – in the Bavarian dialect we call this ‘Woid’ – near a small town called Viechtach. After many paying jobs, I have now completed my first personal project, a bike called ‘Mad Fritz’.


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