Forty 3rd: 2 BRE or not 2 BRE part 2

That may be the question

Welcome to Forty 3rd where I showcase models within the 1/43 range and smaller and sometimes bigger. There was John and there was also Bobby.

And 2 BRE Datsuns were born. Previously I showed the #46 driven by John Morton in the SCCA 2.5 Trans-Am Challenge over established marques like BMW and Alfa Romeo and won (Championships in 1971-72).

There was also the #85 model which was driven by Bobby Allison as a team car to John Morton.

Bobby Allison, deemed one of NASCAR's greatest drivers, drove this BRE car in two races for the BRE team in the Trans-Am 2.5 series in 1972.

I was surprised that the wire on the hood/trunk pins including gas cap are real and not just painted on. How detail is that?

Powered by Coke

Powered by Coke

While you've seen the #46 on my previous post, this next picture is not from Greenlight.

These cars are made of resin and were released by TSM in acrylic display case way before Greenlight got the license to release their own version.

Image borrowed from BRE2 website

Image borrowed from BRE2 website

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  • While I was reading your other post I was wondering if you had the TSM version. Thanks for posting those, they're really nice.

      1 year ago