Forty 3rd: The Other Datsun pickup

And it's 4WD

Belated Happy Thanksgiving and I hope all of you had a wonderful feast with the family. Welcome to Forty 3rd where I showcase models within the 1/43 range and smaller and sometimes bigger. For most collectors of Nissan/Datsun pickup, the classic 620 usually comes to mind specially here in the States thanks to its introduction by Hot Wheels.

In October 1979, Nissan introduced the actual Datsun 720 as a successor to the 620 and Tomica in September '19 released 2 versions of this wonderful truck, the TLV-N43-26a Datsun King Cab 4WD and the TLV-N43-27a Datsun King Cab for the everyday workhorse.

Tomica used the easy to open cardboard box instead of the screw on acrylic display case.

Even though they used cardboard there is a lot of protection all around and did I mentioned they are easy to open. No tools needed.

Inside the box is a picture and description of the 2 Datsun pickups in Japanese.

Professor, I believe this is the spot where the fossils of all vintage Datsuns are buried.

Professor, I believe this is the spot where the fossils of all vintage Datsuns are buried.

For some reason the 4WD is sold at a much higher price but to me this one looks a lot more appealing. Is it the higher stance, the rugged look or maybe the roll bars? It could be a combination of all but what I can say is the detail and the built quality of this casting is top notch. Plus it's die cast and the wheels do roll. So whether you go for one or the other or both, you can't go wrong with TLVN.

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Comments (3)

  • Remarkable model, will forever remain in the bucket list because of the price.

      1 year ago
  • Wow I would like to have one of the four wheel drive versions since I have been told it can be an NB miata or a 720 and not both in full size

      1 year ago
  • I remember using one to pick up golf balls on the range at Tanglewood Golf Course in Menomonie, WI

      1 year ago