Forty Years' Worth of F1 Cars Race Together In One Track (using Assetto Corsa)

The endlessly moddable driving sim makes the BOSS GP more accessible to the rest of us who can't race the real thing

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Type 98. F2004. MP4/5. FW16. R26. These machines are champions of their eras that dominated Formula One in the years they raced, and have become benchmarks against which the greatest drivers are measured. Unfortunately, they don't get to race together. At least, not every day. And not with Jimmy Broadbent at the helm of an Arrows.

But that's exactly what Jimmer came up with in his first video since taking a week-long break: seventeen cars spanning four decades of F1 evolution, all at Imola for seven white-knuckle laps. In Assetto Corsa, because where else can you get them all to co-exist?

The video, as always, is fun to watch, comes with a full-on punterino, great overtaking and an unlikely winner, but also some insight on how different these machines are. Of course, the 2020 to 2022 cars have gobs of grip and DRS, but the V10 cars are towers of power, while the late '80s cars serve as the baseline that the rest surpass. Even that a late-'90s and early 2000's car kinda match, or at least cancel each other out.

It also brings up something that I've only heard in passing.

Welcome to BOSS GP, a 25-year-old series where old modern cars get to stretch their legs and the 1% get to flex their connections to the likes of Sotheby's and RM Auctions. Here, F1, GP2 and Indycar racers run as freely as their drivers can dare, without any restrictions to performance, and is also an actual championship tourney you can attend on the regular. Our lord and saviour Mahaveer Ragunathan won the Secondary Class division back in 2017, which apparently gave him enough Superlicense points to qualify for Formula 2 thanks to a loophole.

If you don't have nearly as much money as Lord Rags, though, fret not. Codemasters has had an alternative for quite some time.

Starting from 2013 and intermittently until 2020, Codies' annual F1 games have featured classic cars from almost every era, including modern ones from the turn of the millennium until 2010, with a pretty solid replication for a game that still needs to serve gamepad players. Earlier editions even featured classic circuits, which makes 2013 that much more valuable.

Coincidentally, the 2010s seems to be around the cutoff for modern cars being demonstrated in anger at rich-car, as the current hybrids are too complicated to be left to amateur drivers. Good thing we have games like this, huh? Jimmer's got a good point.

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