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When it comes to high-performance BMW M cars, it's nearly impossible to keep things on the down low.

BimmerPost, the forum for all things BMW, is the place to be to find out just about anything on upcoming models thanks to their members' almost CIA-like skills. One such members, has uncovered that BMW has filed patents for the "CS" and "CSL" nameplate on every BMW model from 1-series all the way to the upcoming 8-series.

While BMW probably merely patented everything to prevent anyone else from using the names, it's important to note that just recently BMW M boss Frank Van Meel said that a new range of CSL-badged models are being considered.

For reference, BMW currently retails the M4 CS (Club Sport), the only model currently wearing the badge, while the last car to wear the famed CSL (Coupe Sport Light) badge was the E46 M3 back in 2004. An M2 CS is expected to launch in 2018.

With M fans around the world gleefully rubbing their palms with this news, let's hope BMW M doesn't take too long to unveil their new CS and CSL models.

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