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So Drivetribe will shortly be no more. I'm not very good at writing eulogies and this isn't the first website that I've I've shared updates on the Daytona with to have gone the way of the dodo. I've enjoyed the site though and it does have quite a user friendly CMS system for creating articles. There are some good writers on here too and I hope they go onto bigger and better things

In due course I will find a new home for these updates (I might even make one myself) as I mostly write these to diarise what I do with the car. In the short term though if you do want to stay in touch Instagram is the best place to find me at @365daytonafan

I'm also on twitter with the same handle although I share most new stuff to insta now.

So that's it from me and the Daytona as far as Drivetribe is concerned, Bye bye for now.

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