Forza 7 developer to make locked cars a thing of the past

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In an attempt to keep Forza Motorsport 7 fans on side, developer Turn 10 has announced it will be making locked cars a thing of the past as part of a major update coming in July, 2018.

What that means is there will no longer be any need to complete career progression targets if you want access to a certain car, such as the #66 Ford GT, which requires 300 miles of driving at Sebring as part of the 'Elite Showcase'.

It also mean cars (of a total roster of more than 700) that you could only borrow in stock form will be now be yours to mod and fettle with to your heart's content.

“All of the cars that have been previously locked away, within career progression in some way, will now be fully unlocked for car purchase, all throughout the game," said Turn 10 creative director, Chris Esaki, during the Forza Monthly show.

There are, however, a couple of caveats. He added: "Let me be clear about this: Forza Edition cars will still be locked behind some type of progression rewards or that sort of thing."

The second is that Collector Tier levels are being continued, which means you will need to work your way up to buy the best of the best. To be fair, though, it should be a painless process if you know what you are doing.

Given the change, the Speciality Dealer will evolve, but Esaki avoided saying into what. He also said that the BMW Z4 M Coupe and MGA will remain locked, despite the fact they are visible in the Car Collection screen (and have been for some time).

Some players will find the move is too little, too late, but it will prove a welcome surprise for those still loyal or anyone wanting to pass the time before Forza Horizon 4 arrives in October, 2018. Be sure to check out our preview.

On a related note, those who are still happy chucking cash at Turn 10 or have done so previously for the Car Pack should find the new Top Gear Car Pack rather impressive, indeed.

The Porsche 917/20 'Pink Pig' will also be available (as well as one other Porsche) on the same date, which is the 10th of July, 2018. Price? Free.

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