Forza Horizon 4: Audi R8 V10 Plus

It looks good, sounds good and feels good, so whats not to like about this car?

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When I started this series, I wanted a good all-round sports car with few or none downsides, and after driving it for half a week, I have gathered my thoughts.

General facts

At the price of 242,000 credits, it's not a cheap car, but it has performance to it. 0-100 kph goes in 2,7 seconds and 0-160 kph in 6,1 seconds thanks to a 5,2 litre V10 with 610 hp and 560 nm of torque, which revs up to 8700 rpm. Top speed is 347 kph, which is pretty fast and it dous the hairpin test at an average speed of 100.90 kph.


When you first start to drive it, you feel a really good acceleration, but not the type where you immediatly go too fast. Steering feels really precise and you can go around a corner fast without much needed skill, but if you turn too hard, the car oversteers and by the time you notice, you're heading straight off the road. This can be fixed with a tune which i recommend.

Gears feel great stock with always a sweet spot to drive fast out of a corner and also going fast on the straight. If you're cruising though, the engine is a bit loud in the cockpit which cannot be fixed. All together a really fun car to drive once you get the hang of it.


Engine swap is probably something at least one person is going to do. It's available with the stock 5,2 V10 and a Racing V12 which grants 140 hp extra, but at the big cost of 50,000 credits and a loss of acceleration and launch. I did not try it for myself to save some money but if you want the extra power, you can get a lot out of it.

Next is drivetrain, which can be had at stock AWD or RWD. Unless you're a drifter, i would not recommend the RWD option, because firstly, it's 10,000 more credits, and you only lose performance.

Aspiration can be added, with only twin turbo which grants 82 hp more for only 1,800 credits. If you want a faster car, this is what i would opt for with none big negative stats and a increase in launch, acceleration and top speed.

The rest of the upgrades is a good variation and you have plenty of options. As far as upgrades go, i would say it's pretty good.


If you want a fun car you can drive pretty fast without changing something, this is the car for you. It loses some points on the oversteer issue, but this can be changed with a good tune. The price is also pretty high in my opinion. Not necasarrily a bad thing, the volume inside the cockpit is a bit loud even at lower rpm's which can be annoying if you're cruising. On the plus side, it's really fun to drive and looks georgeous too. The V10 sounds amazing when you get up to 6000+ rpm and it corners pretty well.

Audi R8 v10 plus

Thanks for reading

If you enjoyed this article, please let me know. I know I can improve, so please let me know where. Please note: All cars are tested without upgrades and next to zero or nothing tuned. Im also testing them on a steering wheel so it depends what controls you are using on how the car feel.

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