Forza Horizon 4: Audi RS7 Sportback

Is this the best sedan you can buy, or is it something else?

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General facts

With a twin turbo 4.0 litre V8 which cranks out 552 hp and 750 nm of torque, it has a good amount of power, and the weight is at 1955 kg. This makes it not only fast, but fun to drive too. The power is sent through a 8-speed gearbox which is just perfect for all types of driving, even though you don't need all of them. You can get all this goodness for a price tag of 225,000 credits, which is a good price for the fun, but there are other good options to choose from like the Bentley Continental Supersports or the BMW M4 GTS, which costs 90,000 credits less, and has better all-round performance. Top speed is at 331 kph and 0-100 takes 3.7 seconds. Hairpin test is at an average speed of just 97.47 seconds. This is prabably not the fastest I could go, but I'm playing on a keyboard this week.


First of all, the twin turbo V8 is just a beautiful engine sound. At lower RPMs, its deep as a muscle car, if not deeper. Going up to the mid-range of RPMs, the sound gets a higher pitch, and makes a noise similar to a propellerplane, And at 6500+ RPM, the roar of the V8 is joined by a high-pitch sound. Pair that engine to a 8-speed gearbox, which lets you choose almost exactly how much RPM the engine is running at, it's a stunning driving experience. The car feels agile at over 100 kph, but under, I find it a bit understeery. One downside is the brakes, which are good enough, but I wish they were just a little bit better at stopping the car.


This is one mixed category for the Audi, as there is choises for almost everything you can want. The only "problem" is there are none brake upgrade, which is a bit of a shame considering the stock brakes aren't that great, but you can come away with a better tire.

Engine upgrade is a bit pointless as there is only a 50 hp increase, for a V10 which will set you back 40,000 credits. This is a bit of a bad deal, with the stock engine producing enough power, and even getting over 800 hp with a few upgrades costing much less. And when you loose acceleration and launch for a tiny amount of higher top speed, which really is not necassary as the map is made of most twisty roads, this is an even worse deal.

Drivetrain is the usual stock AWD or the RWD for 10,000 credits more. This is an "upgrade" which sets back a lot of performance everywhere, but there is a choice, which is good.

Body kit is a really nice touch to the customisation, making it look sort of like a DTM or GT3 car just without the rear wing. And if you like rear wings, you can in fact get a giant wing for the full transformation, or a small spoiler. This is a tempting upgrade to buy, as it cost 15,000 credits for a almost racecar-look.

The rest of the upgrades are great, with only brakes being the only thing I can't upgrade.


I think Audi has done a good job on the RS7. The lines are very Audi-like and that makes it easy to recognise. I personally like sedans and this is one of the best looking in my opinion. It looks aggressive, and when seeing it, I think of raw performance and also good design. There are however always some downsides to cars, and the Audi has two of them. First is the tail lights. They seem alright until you look at how massive they are. After noticing them, I didn't drive that much in chase camera anymore.

The other problem is one you most likely won't notice, beacause it's the front end. There is nothing wrong with it, but this being a 2013 Audi, it looks a bit outdated. Most people won't care if they drive with the camera forward, but if you're more of a photographer, this is one slight issue.


This is a great sedan for driving and every activity you can do with a car. The speed is all you need and the driving is one of the best experiences I've had in some time. The choises you can make are great, even when it's missing braking performance. If you want a great driving experience, good variety in upgrades, and no need to turn on the radio, this is the car. There are some better value cars I've mentioned, but they don't have the soul like the RS7.

Audi RS7 Sportback

Thanks for reading

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