Forza Horizon 4: Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Before all the SUV haters begin to spam in chat that this is a soccer mum's car, look at that spectacular view.

And even better than the view is the Porsche I'm driving this week.

General facts

With a roaring 4.8 litre V8 producing 520 hp and 769 nm of torque. This is not a slow family car bought by Karen's. Weighing almost 2.2 tonnes, this is also a heavy car. Pricing is at 220,000 credits, which is rather expensive for what you get. Top speed is at an impressive 293 kph and 0-100 takes just 3.7 seconds, thanks to all the torque. Power is sent to all the wheels through a 8-speed transmission. Hairpin test has an impressive average speed of 99.34 kph.


On the road, this Porsche handles like a dream. With the only issues being the power in the straight line, which it really don't need, but it's good to have it. The other issue is not really Porsche's fault, but it's a SUV, which makes the cornering a bit slower than a typical sportscar. I had great fun while driving it both on, and off the road. The steering is more understeer, but again, Porsche has done a great job of making it fast in the corners and in a straight line. The 8-speed transmission is nice to have with no issues with it. I only needed 6 gears even when I was driving 250 kph on some small roads.

Off road is where most people use this car, because it's a SUV, and it dousn't dissapoint. One thing you should be thinking off is the tyres. I tested on and off road with the stock tyres which works great for both sufaces. The steering changed from understeery to a bit oversteery, but I really enjoyed drifting on the gravelroad. Completly offroading is not that great, unless you buy the offroad tyres, but as you can see on the upper picture, I could drive where I wante, as long it's not straight up.


Engine upgrade has an option for a V10 producing 52 more hp than the stock V8. This upgrade however costs 40,000 credits, with only a small upgrade to top speed, and losing some performance in acceleration and launch.

Drivetrain has an option for RWD, which will only lose performance in acceleration and launch, and not gaining anything. The option cost 10,000 credits over the stock AWD. It can be an upgrade drifters might buy, but who drifts in a SUV. The performance you loose can be gained back with engine upgrades, but I would just stick with the AWD.

The other upgrades are nothing over the top, but it has everything you need to either make it a offroad machine or a downforce monster. The only thing missing are the brakes, but the Cayenne has already good enough brakes.


This is one of the mixed feelings category. Personally I like some sporty SUV's like the Cayenne, Macan or Stelvio Quadrifoglio. The front is somewhat outdated, but still looks ok. The side looks ok that too, mainly because the typical soccer mum car theme. The back is good if you ask me. One down, or upside with the exterior is that the car haven't changed that much over the years. Even though you probably will tell the difference between the 2018 model which I drove, and the earlier 2012 model which is in the game. The basic shape is still the same, which can be a positive or negative thing.

Interior is pretty much identical to a 911. The only two giveaways are the speed and you're sitting on a seat, and not the ground. The dashboard is mainly digital, and the RPM-meter is analogue. The dashboard is pretty clean, and the analogue watch sitting in the middle of the dash is a nice touch. Steering wheel is just like a 911, but it's missing the stripe at the top, which would make it look more like a sportscar.


Overall a fun car to drive, with all the performance you need for both on and off road. The upgrades are good with nothing I miss to upgrade. The car looks alright, with only some parts a bit outdated. So this is not a soccer mum's car, but a fun and fast SUV, which will take you anywhere you want.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Thanks for reading

If you enjoyed reading this article, please let me know in the comments or DM me. I know I can improve, so please let me know where. Please note: All cars are tested without upgrades and next to zero or nothing tuned. Im also testing them on a steering wheel so it depends what controls you are using on how the car feel.

One more thing, if I don't post next week, it's probably because I'm redecorating my room to a more simracing and gaming style.

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