Forza Horizon 4's Best Photography Locations

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There is no doubt that Forza Horizon 4 is a stunningly beautiful game. That’s in no small part down to the fact that the source material, these sceptered isles, these dark satanic hills, etc., etc., are bloody stunning already and Playground Games have done a wonderful job in recreating that.

One of the things we know here at Drivetribe is that putting beautiful cars in beautiful places makes for beautiful photos and, what do you know? Forza Horizon 4 has a rather wonderful photo mode. With the game moving through day to night and seasonal change, there are plenty of opportunities for the perfect photo but, like any good photographer, you have to pick the right moment.

So, after a lot of exhaustive research, here are our favourite places for photography in Forza Horizon 4. What we’ve attempted to do here is find a place where you can get good pictures, either at speed, with epic scenery or that just look absolutely stunning. We’ll share a picture of the map to show exactly where it is, and a picture we took to show off how nice it is. We’ll also point out what season it is best to take the picture in too.

Obviously, everywhere in Forza is great for photos. So, if you feel like we've missed a place or have you got one to show off yourself? Feel free to stick it in the comments below. If you’re looking for inspiration, we very much recommend going on the official Forza website where you can not only find your own in-game images from all the Forza games linked to your gamertag but also the Forzatography forums which has incredible images from the last 10 years of Forza games.

Derwent Water - Winter

This road in truth commands amazing views wherever you are in the seasonal change. If you have the VIP pass and own the house at the top of the lake, you could easily take hundreds of wonderful still photos here whatever the weather. However, there’s just something about the winter for this one. As you scream down the road, you can see the frozen lake, as well as the mountain ranges behind capped with snow, icy roads blur as you focus on your car screaming through the cold air. It paints a picture but anything silver looks great down this road.

Horizon Festival Site - Any time of year

From the colourful, flowery tunnels, to the drag strips and drift zones, the Horizon site is the best place to take pictures of your car in a crowded space with others. If you have a heavily modified car, or a great livery then this place is a bouncing, vibrant, loud place to hold a big car meet with your club mates or to randoms in your game world, looking to show off their wares. Plus, the easy access to the festival site means you can easily change car to whatever you want.

Edinburgh - Any time of year

There are many shots you can take in Edinburgh. All across the City, from the castle to the Scott Monument. You can take shots at any time of year and any time of day and they look stunning. But, we wholly recommend climbing up the dirt road around the back of Arthur’s Seat and ascending to the top. This will give you a commanding view across the city and it looks stunning at night.

Moorhead Wind Farm - Summer

This place is simply stunning with its huge wind turbines and lovely purple flowers. It’s also incredibly flat with some great straight roads to pick up some speed along with some great crests. If you head south from the farm, you’ll go downhill towards the ocean and Bamburgh Castle and the lighthouse, which commands some awesome views on clear days and nights.

Thatch Corner - Winter

Just to the south west of this long road that takes you to the coast road is a house. If you follow the main road from the wind farm all the way down, past Astmoor, you'll see it, south of Bamburgh Castle. The hosue is called Thatch Corner and you can buy it. It's one of those places that you'd never get insurance. But once again, in Winter, it commands incredibly strong views of that wild and mysterious North Sea. A beautiful place to take the odd picture or two.

Arthur’s Seat - Autumn

We’ve already mentioned Arthur’s Seat for views of Edinburgh, but this is the place to get some excellent coastal views, much like Moorhead Wind Farm. Inside though is a playground of great areas with ruins, trees, rocks, dips and dirt roads galore to get some epic looking pictures. Of course, we recommend Autumn because of the trees. The area is very green and that shock of orange and falling leaves makes this place magical.

Ambleside - Winter

One of the first places you come across in the early part of the game is the small village of Ambleside, right to the far west of the map at the bottom of the Derwent Water. This place is a picture postcard village. The sort that ITV dramas are invented around. You could easily imagine a picture of this being a Christmas card from a grandparent. Along with this lovely stone bridge and mill, there's a little Marina and plenty of quaint English pubs and homes to picture your supercar alongside.

Just South of Ambleside however is another road, an incredible stretch, quite like the ones you'll find around the Derwent Water. However these overlook the unnamed river that quietly locks the East of the map into its boundaries. Much like those roads, it's best with something fast and silver coloured during the winter months.

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