D​etails for this week's Forza race for those of you interested in taking part!

T​his week we are going to be racing 5 laps of classic Le Mans! This means we are running the 'no chicane' layout of the track and you have the choice of 3 different cars: the Ferrari P4, the Ford GT40 and the Porsche 906. Please keep the cars stock: the Ferrari should be rated at 727, the Ford at 705 and the Porsche at 640. Any available tuning and assists are allowed to encourage all abilities to take part. The race will begin at 8pm GMT this Saturday.

I​ am leaving liveries up to you this week and as there are no number and colours to choose all you need to do is message me about 5 minutes before the race for an invite. My gamertag is PurplePetrol13.

I​ look forward to seeing you out on track this Saturday!

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  • Damn lol I'd love to do this race, but I work!

      1 year ago