F​orza Motorsport Ideas: Barn Finds

H​ow using this idea of Barn Finds in the upcoming Forza Motorsport could possibly be an easy win for Turn 10

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E​ver since Forza Motorsport got announced back in July I’ve been thinking about what they could be working on and some ideas of my own that are realistic and doable by Turn 10. The game so far looks astounding and I cannot wait to hear more. Realistically this is a conversation where I’d like to hear your thoughts and opinions and maybe these ideas could even get noticed by the developers themselves.

T​he idea of Barn Finds

T​his being one of my latest ideas, and you may be thinking ‘Forza Motorsport should be about the racing and the tracks, not a Horizon game!’ Well Barn Finds don’t exactly have to be driven to if there’s a team involved. By the look of the game in the trailer it’s noticeable that there are multiple of the same Mazda and Apollo in the shots of the garage area. This ‘teams‘ idea completely links with the way I’m going with Barn Finds.

H​ow could it work?

A​t the moment the ideas are all based on prediction on where the game is heading. You could enter a screen which takes you into a room outside the garage area. In the room it could focus in on a map display of the world. Across the world you will have markers, these markers will all represent a Barn Find, a progression system could be involved where you could unlock better cars from these Barn Finds as you progress through the game.

D​epending on where you are in the world, you can send a team of people out for a sum of money (where you send them could depend on how much the fee will cost) to investigate on one of these Barn Finds. Where you send them will depend on the make of car, for example if you send your team to Asia, you will most likely be finding a Nissan or a Mazda whereas if you send your team to North America you could find a Chevrolet or a Dodge.

The investigation would be a bit of a gamble, and you won’t know what car your getting (unless the game gives you some sort of clue). The car could turn out to be quite good such as an old Greenwood Corvette or could be quite bad and turn out to be some un-upgraded AMC Javelin (I’m not dissing the Javelin, it’s just an example).

T​he Barn Finds could be on a time limit so after a while one marker will disappear and one could appear, this could make it so there isn’t a set number of Barn Finds and you can go and do them as many times as you want!

T​he Cars

F​rom the games trailer they were mainly focusing on the Apollo, Mazda and BAC‘s in the shot. These cars are quite new, and racing could be prodominantly around newer cars, but I could definitely be wrong. By removing a lot of the cars from the 1950’s all the way up to the 1990’s from the store you could use these type of cars as your Barn Finds.

T​he Condition of the Cars

Not only could you find good or bad out of them, the condition of the car could be key into profit from the Barn Finds. Finding a car in a bad condition could result in a heavy restoration fee whereas finding a car in a good condition could result in a smaller fee. If you‘re lucky enough to find something like a Ferrari 512S out of a Barn Find you may want to know it’s condition, because if it’s in a bad condition there will definitely be a heavy restoration fee on your hands! But if you are lucky you may find it in relatively good shape meaning the fee will be much smaller. When you have finally restored the car, it could definitely be worth more on the Auction House rather if you were to buy it normally from the store.

M​aking a car more of worth

I​nstead of just having a car to restore with nothing special about it, maybe when found it could have something you wouldn’t have been able to find or put on the regular car, such as Racing Slicks with different tyre lettering or maybe even a kit! This all depends on where the game is going because this point is obviously a bit of a guess.

H​ow simple or big the idea could be

I​f the developers were to at some chance use this idea, they might want to have some kind of idea of how simplistic the idea could be. While you’re off at a race week in game it may take a few races for the car to be investigated or restored, no cutscenes would be needed unless loading your brand new restored car off a truck could be seen?

W​hy this idea?

W​ell for starters, this idea could make Barn Finds a lot more fun to get. If you‘re bored and looking for something to spend your money on, you could easily try your luck at getting a sweet new ride.

O​bviously this idea is a work in progress and very much a conversation. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions, what could be improved and what should definitely stay. Maybe the idea could be noticed? Who knows!

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