F​orza on Xbox Series X/S: what do we know?

With the release of the new Xbox Series X/S in November, many racing fans are asking the same question: where will the Forza series head from there?

Forza is one of the most recognisable names in modern gaming, with the fourth instalment in the Horizon sub-series selling over 12 million copies as of August 2019. Now, with the release of a new series of Xbox consoles in a couple of months, many gamers are in anticipation of how this will affect their beloved franchise.

W​ell, now that the consoles have an official release date, specs and price, I am here to deliver the news regarding the future of Forza.

W​hat's going to happen with the Horizon sub-series?

A​s of now, there is no doubt that the success of the Horizon sub-series will allow Microsoft to keep it going for potentially another 6 years. In fact, Horizon 4 has been so successful that it's going to be ported to the new console through the new Smart Delivery system under the "Optimized for Series X" banner; t​his means that the game will be playable in 4K and at 60fps.

I​ see this as an absolute win, because you will be able to buy a Series S console (which costs £249), then buy the game, the bundle will have cost less than when people bought the game with an Xbox One, and the game will have improved visuals and quality.

T​here is no doubt however that inevitably the game will reach its "end of life stage", which means that it will be removed from stores along with all of its DLCs, and this will mean that a new instalment will be made. Based however on the massive success of the latest game, it seems like it won't be going away anytime soon.

W​hat about the Motorsport sub-series?

T​he latest instalment in the sub-series, simply titled Forza Motorsport, was officially announced back in July, with Xbox releasing an announcement trailer that showcased in-game engine footage. In an article published on Xbox's official website, creative director of the Forza franchise Dan Greenawalt stated:

"The new Forza Motorsport...is a reimagining of the series. We are taking what has made Forza Motorsport great over the past 15 years and pairing it with new game concepts and new technologies."

Overall, it seems that the future of the franchise is not fading away any time soon; in fact, it seems like Forza has been riding on an eternal wave on success that will not collapse any time soon.

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  • Here's 2 things you left out: if you already own horizon 4 you won't need to repurchase they'll release an update where you can just play on the S/X. OR you could subscribe to gamepass (preferably ultimate) and horizon 4 is included!

      7 months ago
  • Hopefully with less bans, crap moderators of discord, an actual vibe (britain has no vibe) a fairer racing online system. Anyways I'm heading for test drive unlimited solar crown and a pc. Bye forza. Miss the usa italy and aussie days.

    But britain is crap no offence fanboys

      7 months ago