Fostering Community - Tribe Drive

Discriminating is so easy, the words "i hate" is a sound that comes too easily out of my mouth, try it.. I'll wait. When I try saying "I love" it sounds foreign and makes me uncomfortable. Sure you can say it with a false pretense.. but to really mean it.Sjoe that takes some doing.

Being in the car game, its easy to look at another car/brand/head rests. (yes, head rests) and say. I hate it. I hate that guys car and by proxy, I now hate him and his entire family! FEUD FOR LIFE....but

<3 h8ers

This is by and far a really dumb thing to do, its cliche. Judging a book by its cover, its not buying your coco pops because its in a different box. And you really like your coco pops and now you don't have any. But we are "car guys" and we are supposed to do things differently. From breakfast cereals to model cars, if we can change it to be unique, we would. Hell, we have.

We like change, and because we like change we like differences. Why do we do it? to stand out, to express ourselves and some just because they can.

And that's where it is. IT , is the beauty in the diversity. In the changes, the differences. And we should celebrate these differences, it is what drives the car community. Imagine if we all had the exact same mk1 vw city golf in the exact same color. We would die in the same-madness of it all.


So, this tribe is about fostering a community around being different. Whether you endorse, VVL or VTEC Or if its "no replacement for displacement" Everyone is welcome. We may be different, but we share the same passion.


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