Found these at the farmers market today :)

A 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery and a 1952 Chevy Bel Air.

7w ago

I had some really good sales at the farmers market today, so when my sister came to visit I decided to take a break and wander around with her. We wandered by some people selling antiques and garden art when some diecast cars caught my eye! The guy at the stand told me he'd been collecting diecast cars for 40 years, and decided to start selling them. They were pretty cheap too, so my sister and I spent a while looking at and appreciating the little cars. Then my sister surprised me by saying she thought the '52 Chevy was really pretty and wanted to buy it, and I had taken a liking to the 1940 Ford, so I bought us both cars for $25. Purely by coincidence, we got the only two models that were the exact same color!

I have no idea what company made these models or how old they are, but they're really pretty, and besides a smudge or two and a small crack on the Chevy's bumper, they're in good condition. The Ford's doors don't open, but the back door and the hood do, and everything on the Chevy opens (although the hood doesn't open very far for some reason).

The Chevy gave me a brief scare when the front bumper fell off on the way home. Thankfully, it did so on the side of my back seat that doesn't have a giant tear, so I was able to find it again and put it back on. We'll probably have to glue that on just to be safe.

I haven't bought many diecast cars before or even built many model cars, and the Ford I just bought is probably the nicest one I've ever had. It's fun! I can see why you all enjoy this so much. Maybe if that guy brings more next week I'll get another :)

Chevy Blue Flame inline six and a Ford flathead V8.

Chevy Blue Flame inline six and a Ford flathead V8.

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