Four left into bobsled run, don't cut

2y ago


Sometimes you see what is clearly a promotional stunt and, as dangerous as the editing has tried to make it look, you just know that it’s got health and safety written all over it. Not this time.

Subaru and Mark Higgins are already responsible for some of the most mesmerising footage on the internet, thanks to their exploits around the Isle of Man TT course. By comparison, driving an STI down a bobsleigh run in St. Moritz sounds like a walk in the park.

Then you see the footage. It starts off tamely enough with the car driving through glitzy St. Moritz, before having some proper old-school, narrow, studded ice tyres fitted to it. Then it heads into the run. It looks like someone at Subaru forgot to measure the track first to see if the car would actually fit, because there must be looser corks in bottles.

Look closely and you can see that the car has small skids attached to the corners of the bumpers to try to protect it, but by 50 metres into the run they must have seemed like bringing sticking plasters to help with gunshot wounds. The car is scraping along the ice wall and banging off the sides as though it’s a wild animal being caged against its will.

The angle in the first banked turn is impressive and terrifying, as once again there doesn't really seem to be room for the Subaru. A big impact with side of the run sees a wing mirror go flying and a chunk of snow wall dislodged.

The shot of the car riding the big banked corner like a wall of death is exactly the money shot that Subaru must have been hoping for, but the exit is anything but picture perfect. How it doesn’t either end up on its side or actually climb clean out of the run is miraculous. Or perhaps just another day in the life of Mark Higgins.

I’m actually quite nervous about what they might try to do next.

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