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Four seasons in a day for our GT3 as its 493bhp makes light but careful work of a snow-swept Stelvio pass.

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  • Sensible question is - "Was it on winter tyres?" But really we want to know - "Was it Manual or PDK?"

    1 year ago
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    • It is definitely getting to that winter tyres time of year here, isn’t it? Meanwhile the manual v PDK debate rumbles on among the tribeys. Mark is a PDK man, as are most racing drivers...

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      1 year ago
    • Well thanks to Porsche Hatfield I have a GT3 confirmed for 2nd 1/4 18... deluded as I am, it will be Manual even so I can pretend to be quicker than Webber in his PDK... don't want a tea...

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      1 year ago


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