Four special edition Huracáns to celebrate Lamborghini Mexico's 10th anniversary

Hammond's favourite country gets four special Lambos

Lamborghini Mexico has decided to celebrate its 10th birthday in style with four special edition Huracán EVO models, designed Grand Chelem, the brand’s distributor in Mexico, in collaboration with the company's Ad Personam customisation branch. Each model represents a key element of Mexican culture - Vita, Morte, Sogno, Tempo (Vida/Life, Muerte/Death, Sueño/Dream and Tiempo/Time).

The Edición Vita is painted in a special shade of Verde Ermes and Oro Elios as a tribute to life and nature, with Oro Elios accents and the emblem of an eagle for the interior.

The Edición Morte is painted in Blu Astraeus with Bronze Serse accents for the exterior, and bronze and Teia Vintage upholstery for the interior. The emblem is, par for the course, a skull.

The Edición Sogno is painted in Blu Symi with details in Oro Elios (gold) for the exterior, and two-tone upholstery with white accents for the cabin, where you'll also find a two-headed dragon, which "celebrates dreams with a mixture of fantasy and reality".

Lastly, the Edición Tempo is painted in Nero Nemesis with Bronzo Serses accents, sporting dark hues with bronze accents around the seats, and a snake emblem, which represents "reinvention of oneself by the shedding of skin".

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