Fowlerville Rodeo

2y ago


The RV’s and trailers started lining up a week in advance for the 29th annual Easyriders Motorcycle Rodeo in Fowlerville, Michigan. Attendees anxiously awaited the commencement of on-sight ticket sales and the ensuing gate opening. That was followed promptly by the mad dash to lay claim to a small chunk of land to call their own, if only for a few days.
Some of these folks have been attending this event since it started at the Fowlerville Fairgrounds many moons ago. Many folks believe the “real” Rodeo happens on the track, but there are more than a few that attend the Easyriders Rodeos to party and the surrounding campground is where their preferred action awaits.

The wonder of Bar Stool Races!

The Easyriders Rodeo is just like a regular rodeo with iron steeds taking the place of regular horses.

See all the wild rodeo action in the February issue of Easyriders magazine, on sale December 27th. Photos by Don Rogers.

By Dave Nichols