FR Legends brings drifting to Android and iOS

Master going sideways in FR Legends, which is free to download.

2y ago

There are a lot of racing games with drifting but relatively few that make it the entire focus, unlike the recently released FR Legends on Android iOS.

The free-to-play cartoony racer lets you drive a variety of legendary drift machines that send power to the back wheels. The aim is to perform inch-perfect drifts and get as a high score as possible.

Doing so rewards you with money that can be used to upgrade your car to change its driving characteristics, adjust the colour, add a livery and improve the look with various components.

How you perform a drift involves steering hard into a corner and smashing the gas pedal or using the handbrake. As for steering, this is done by either tilting your phone or using on-screen directional arrows, the latter of which proves harder.

FR Legends is accessible but oh-so-difficult to master. Keeping your car on the correct drift line, going through little circles as you do to collect more points, is no easy feat.

Practice is very much necessary if you want to score highly and earn the biggest money rewards. Especially as crashing into things means paying for repairs, which eats into your customisation or new car fund.

Besides a 'Solo Run' mode, you can battle AI opponents who are really quite talented at getting the tail out or practice alone.

Other modes such as Gymkhana, Championship, Multiplayer and Touge Attack are on the way. Exactly when they will arrive is unclear, but we assume the developer was prioritising the Android version's release.

You can buy extra money and certain items for real cash if you so desire, but you naturally build up money at a decent pace just by tackling each stage so it can be avoided, which is a nice touch.

You can download FR Legends on Android from the Google Play store and iOS from iTunes. Just a little warning, it can be highly addictive.

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