Frankenstein Cayman

How would you improve the 718 series cayman? I'd fit a Ferrari v8. SACRILEGE?

4y ago

The four-cylinder unit fitted to Porsche's new 718 Cayman (and Boxter) has come in for some stiff criticism. The switch to turbocharged four pots was always going to raise eyebrows but the widespread condemnation of the power plant must be generating some discomfort in Germany.

Though the car remains a class leader, the consensus suggests the new engine is a tangible step backwards when measured by driver satisfaction relative to the previous flat-six units.

Indeed, even before the current exercise in cylinder and capacity reduction, Porsche's pair of junior sports cars were already dogged by two very specific "ifs".

1) "If only", said every teenage fan, "they put a real engine in that thing?"

2) "What if", pondered every owner, "I had another 100bhp?"

The "ifs" were partially answered by the brilliant GT4 but will now be revisited again and again unless Porsche can find romance in small capacity turbocharging.

However, this dilemma does provide an exciting thought experiment. Namely, what engine would most improve the 718 Cayman?

Controversially, I'm going to suggest a Cayman fitted with a 4.5-litre V8 plucked straight from the heart of a red 458 would make a very enticing proposition. I accept this relationship is breaking some form of unwritten code but just imagine the fun to be had.

How, dear reader, would you improve the 718 Cayman and which other modern cars could benefit from a heart transplant? Toyota GT86? Get posting down below.

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  • The GT86 has been crying out for a more powerful lump from day one. The Cayman/Boxster ................................... that's become an issue alright. There's no doubting the engine has enough performance, but in switching to a 4-pot it's lost some character, lost some noise, and lost a lot of its charm. And its charm that sells a car like this, not it's interior space or boot capacity or MPG or whatever other feature the general public lust after. But then again, this is the same Porsche who were vilified by purists when they switched from air-cooling to water-cooling. They laughed, shrugged it off and went on to sell more 911s than before. Then they released an SUV, and were vilified again. They laughed, shrugged it off and went on to make lots of money. So I have a feeling they'll quietly and succinctly hint to us that we should suck it up, and the 4-cylinder is here to stay.

      4 years ago