- Pocket rocket. (image credit: Andrew Coulombe)

Frankenstein's Monster takes the shape of a Ford Festiva

The Festiva that handles like an MX-5 and goes like a Corvette.

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LS swapped MX-5s are becoming more common every day, to the point no one would blink an eye when one blows pass them on the highway.

However, Andrew Coulombe from Thousanddollarcarguy has put a unique spin on a V8 MX-5 by adding the body of a Festiva on top of it.


Using a 1990 Miata, which he picked up for $US400 ($AUD590) and transformed into a “kart”, Andrew ditched the original four-cylinder engine and upgraded to a 5.3-litre turbo LSX.

After completely gutting the hatchback, very little work was needed in order for the shell to sit flush with the chassis, as the MX-5 and Festiva share a similar wheelbase.

Fits like a glove. (image credit: Andrew Coulombe)

Fits like a glove. (image credit: Andrew Coulombe)

It only took a couple of months to complete and it shows with some dodgy elements that include wooden body mounts and a battery, which is “connected to the exhaust”.

Now Andrew’s aim is for the car to feature in Hoonigan's Burnout Challenge... after he makes it "safe".

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  • Thanks for doing an article on my little project car. If you have any other questions on it I'd be happy to talk about it. Thanks!

      7 months ago