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French Bliss: The Bugatti Chiron is The Most Solitary Hypercar

With 16 cylinders and 8.0 L of displacement the Chiron isn't concerned with gas mileage or the environment


Bugatti began as a company that only made race cars. A lot like Ferrari in that sense and quite a few other manufactures did as well. The Chiron was named after Louis Chiron. A racing driver who won many races for Bugatti. From the type 35, the Royale, the EB110, Veyron and now the Chiron, all Bugattis embark a kind of uniqueness that no other manufacture provides. Ready to hop into an automobile that was sparked by racing glory?

Technical Specifications

Sitting in the middle of the Chiron is an 8.0 L quad-turbocharged W-16 engine. Have you ever heard of that from any other brand? Nope. It can push out 1,479 horsepower and 1,180 lb ft of torque. Insane figures that we don't hear of often. Now with all this performance, it has to reach the tarmac. The Chiron has special developed tires and so they don't explode the Chiron is limited to 261 mph. Limited to 261!. How insane. To transmit this power, the W-16 has a 7-speed dual clutch transmission connected to it. With a quick shifting transmission, that much torque and an AWD system, the Chiron can propel from 0-60 mph in just 2.4 seconds. Despite weighing 4,359 pounds. That is a ton of weight, but the power and grip overcomes it. The Chiron will be forever one of the highest performing cars that never used electric motors.

"Form Follows Performance"

Bugatti, while they heavily care about performance, they also invest millions into making their cars masterpieces of art. The Chiron has aggressive body language while looking gorgeous at the same time. With four individual squares in each headlight along with the horseshoe grille, it looks like the Chiron is growling. Yet it's stance inspires awe. The swerve from the roof to the bottom of the car has been a notable feature in design too. My Chiron is painted blue with black as the secondary color. The winding trim is painted in a glorious silver. Once you move to the rear, you first notice the single taillight bar that stretches to the ends of each side. Above it is the iconic B representing the name of the founder. Below the bar is the split, rectangular exhaust. They are wide enough that you can fit your fists through them. How fun!

Luxuries And Comfort Still Matter

The Bugatti Chiron isn't only a hypercar. It is a hyper GT. This means while it his horrifying when you step on the gas, when you don't, it is more comfortable than most of our cars. And even when moving at thrilling speeds, you feel safe and comfortable. You are surrounded by leather and carbon fiber. Your seats were made with leisure in mind. The steering wheel, even your key is wrapped in the most exquisite leather a car can have. Your leather can be colored in black, brown, red, white or even blue. Most companies don't offer you this. All this top peak performance and luxuries do however come at a price. $3,000,000 to be exact. Now that's a lot of money. But you will be getting to call one of the most exclusive cars in the world your own.


So there you have it. Well the Bugatti Chiron. I claim it to be the most solitary hypercar because it is. No other car uses an engine like it. No other manufacture knows how to properly combine scary performance with hopeful luxury. It sounds like a garbage truck that was transformed into a turbocharged drag racer. It burns gas and oil. It doesn't give two flying saucers about the environment. But yet it is still one of the most beloved cars of the modern era. It will forever be remembered for how it excited all of us who have dreamed of it, seen it, driven it and owned it.

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  • the chiron is different from the veyron, the veyron was still kinds sparse @ the same time it has many luxuries, but the chiron is an ultra luxurious car with nothing sparse in it.

      1 month ago
  • Where did you get this diecast ?

      1 month ago
  • I love it to death and back but i prefer the valkerie more

      1 month ago