French custom shops built this insane Lamborghini Espada hot rod

Say hello to this growling Lamborghini Espada hot rod

2y ago

Creating hot rods is often what is associated with American culture but two French custom shops, Danton Arts Kustoms and Carrosserie Hervé, has created this Lamborghini Espada hot rod.

This all started with a conversation between Alexandre Danton, founder of Danton Arts Kustoms, and Hervé Castangano, founder of Carrosserie Hervé, who had obtained a 1970 Lamborghini Espada.

Castangano wanted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Espada model by creating something special. First they did a drawing, then a design and afterwards started working on the actual car.

They began with chopping it, modifying or removing body panels to help give it that hot rod look. Like most hot rods they left the engine exposed this giving it a very gangster look.

They also used the word "Espada" to help guide their design. Espada refers to a matadors sword in Spanish and Portuguese, so the teams made it look like the metal was precisely cut by a sword.

It still has a 2+2 layout design with a very basic interior and uses the exact same V12 3.9 L in the original Lamborghini Espada. Although there currently isn't any information on the top speed, the power or 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph). But hopefully those specs will be revealed soon.

To finish it off they painted the main body in a matte grey shade, contrasted Italian stripes and bright red wheels. Although isn't the first ever European car they turned into a hot road and probably won't' be the last.

These other cars include a Porsche 964, Porsche 911 Targa and a Peugeot 201 with a couple of American cars as well.

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  • So they wanted to celebrate the car by killing it essentially! XD

    Not to my taste, but there you go.

      2 years ago