French Friday: Two Tax Horespower

One of the better 1/60 Wellys.

1y ago


Welly's interpretation of the 2CV, in 1/60 scale, is similar in principle to the actual car; it is simple, works very well for most part, and not extravagant. The car appears to be well intact in terms of the proportions, the detailing is almost on point, except for a minor headlamp mishap (that should not be a common issue), and the wheels are remarkable (tyres are a bit too wide but that is totally fine for the price point, and the treads are some of the best I have ever seen).

Thanks for stopping by! It is Friday at last, so hope you will have an awesome weekend!

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  • Amazingly horsepower tax (CV fiscale) is still a thing here. Due to complicated government calculations the 2CV remained at 2 CV fiscal for it's entire production run. To complicate matters "CV" is also commonly used as real horse power not tax horse power. Tax horse power is calculated from engine size, gear ratios, emissions and any thing else the government can think of.... My Citroen XM is 9CV despite having 138 real CV for example.

      1 year ago
    • Wowzers, never knew that! That sure sounds like a pain though. Why not use the actual power output by the way? Is there any logical reason behind the seemingly over-complicated process?

        1 year ago
    • Logic ? There is none in government.

      Seriously though, when cars were first taxed they used steam horsepower (cheveax vapeur) and at the time a 2cv was actually 2cv. Maybe they just invented the calculations to keep the 2cv at 2cv for...

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        1 year ago