Freshly unveiled cars at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

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Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018 (FOS)

The beauty of the Goodwood FOS is that almost every category of motor vehicle gets covered. Goodwood is a remarkable place for anyone interested in the automobile. I'm going to show you what cars I was desperate to see.



Ford has hit the ground running this year by showing off the special edition Mustang BULLITT. I got to watch this beautiful machine racing with the original Mustang BULLITT that was made famous by Steve McQueen in 1968.

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The original BULLITT followed by the new one

2. Ford GT

Ford ditching the V8 and replacing it with a V6 sounded like blasphemy to the hardcore eight-cylinder purists, but Ford has made one seriously impressive machine which is partly thanks to the reduced engine weight, meaning the car can be smaller, lighter and more agile.

3. Ford Focus

The all-new Focus was brought along to Goodwood. Here is the ST-Line which has a sporty body, red brakes and a tonne of tech inside. Ford staff demonstrated the parallel park assist to me which was a breeze to use.

4. Eagle Squadron Mustang

Built as a one-off to commemorate the American pilots of the Royal Air Force's Eagle Squadron. This 700hp car is as rare as they come and will be making It's way back to the States to be sold at auction.


5. 600LT

Mclaren had their whole fleet on show for us including the new 600LT that was unveiled just moments after I turned up.


Meet the '8' Series. Here shown is an M8 Gran Coupe and an M850i.

6. M8 Gran Coupe

The M8 (mate) looks incredibly menacing thanks to It's snarling nostrils, flared arches and It's furious looking headlights.

7. M850i

The M850i is the slightly watered down version. Still incredibly powerful and capable, just without the 'LOOK AT ME' styling.


Mini has unveiled two new concept cars, both of which are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Here's the new MINI Electric hatch and the John Cooper Works GP hatch:

8. MINI Electric Hatch

MINI staff were very secretive about this car but told me that the batteries will be evenly spread under the floor of the car which will give it an excellent center of gravity.

9. John Cooper Works GP

Expect the JCW GP to be very powerful and very quick to 60. No official details released by staff though.


10. Supra

The Supra returns! I spied the GR Supra Racing Concept and a camouflaged road legal Supra.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin has always made pretty cars, and this trend continues with these two beauties:

11. Rapide AMR

Aston Martin Racing got their hands on the Rapide and made it into a track-hungry animal. Fear not though as it is still a comfortable grand tourer and perfect for running the kids to school.

12. DBS

It's new, It's crazy fast and It's drop-dead gorgeous. What's not to like with this new Aston?

What's your favourite spot?

Let me know in the comments!


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The two BULLITTs racing home

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  • BMW M8 and M850i.

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  • The Supra! I’ve been waiting and wishing for it for soooooooo long, cant wait to drive one

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