From time to time, you'll stumble upon some AUTOarts on deep clearance. When this happens, it's like all the major hobby retailers around the world slash the prices on these models simultaneously. Perhaps AA produced too many of them and is furiously trying to siphon them off, or perhaps these models are reaching the end of their shelf lives. Whatever the case, it means prime time for 1:18 collectors. AUTOart has been, and still is, the gold standard with their unparalleled accuracy, realism, and attention to detail. When a sale hits, you buy. No questions asked.

This FD RX-7 was one such example. They were going for about a hundred around this time last year, and a timely eBay code brought it down to sub-Benjamin levels. This casting is the tuned version of the rotary machine and is the same as the one used for the Initial D "RedSuns" RX-7, sans wheels, license plates, and whatever little trinkets are exclusive to its manga-based counterpart. I love the way it looks. Big wing, gold BBS LMs. Better than stock, in my opinion. It has working pop-ups and fabulous details, particularly the multifaceted trunk/boot assembly.

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  • I've gotta say, You always pick the right colors for your backdrops.

    4 days ago
    3 Bumps
  • I maybe should have picked one of these up to replace my aging Kyosho 🤔

    4 days ago
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    • LS Collectibles has the stock FD coming soon, same version as the Kyosho. The prototype photos don't look great, but we'll have to see the final product to pass judgment.

      4 days ago


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