Friends-For-Friends Drift Day!

2y ago


So it was an event for friends, by friends, to attack the Melaka Circuit in a different way. Sideways, to be precise. Given an array of different cars, such as a SR20DE equipped KE70 up to a V8 Silvia, we were all free to hoon on the track! Being completely new to drifting myself, I would think exposing myself to drifting this way would be much more ‘economical’ if anything does go wrong as oppose to using the BRZ.

The cars were introduced to us and I was assigned the white KE70 with the SR20DET. This being my first time driving a performance-oriented turbocharged car, I was properly nervous. Plus, it came with air-conditioning! Talk about drifting in comfort. Nonetheless, once the cars were all unloaded, everyone got to their cars and started hitting the tracks.

Drift in Comfort

When everyone was out doing donuts and attacking the course, I was getting oriented with the car. Had a feel for the steering, shifter and whatnot. Feels good and the sound of the turbocharger was intoxicating. As soon as I was comfortable with the car, I took it out for a few donuts.

Man, the power makes it effortless! Talk about trying to do donuts in my own car. A jab on the throttle and the tail is out. A little steering work to keep it tight and there’s that! Soon I took the car out on the track to get a feel.

It took me quite awhile to get a nice drift going. But as soon as I did, it was pure satisfaction.

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Doing it!

I am seriously grateful to the organizers that put out so much time and effort to make this happen. Hope to give the next one a go as well!!!