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From 1311 to 1310: Another F40 bites the dust.

Last year, at Queensland and Monaco. This year, at Japan's famed Hakone Turnpike.

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Image from 9News

Image from 9News

Last summer, an uninsured Ferrari F40 was wrecked on the roads of Queensland, Australia. While that car was deemed to be salvagable as long as adequate funds were provided, this victim seems to be a bit unluckier. Why? Because the car is pretty much burnt down into ashes.

According to police reports, a Ferrari F40 was completely burnt down at the famed Hakone Turnpike. On May 8th, 11am local time, the 60 year old owner noticed smoke from his Ferrari, and called the local authorities. While the owner and his wife in the passenger seat were able to evacuate safely, the car was completely burnt until it was extinguished an hour and 30 minutes later.

The cause of the fire is currently unknown, and it is of great relief that the driver and passengers are fine. Still, a Ferrari F40 burning to the ground is not the news you want to hear. However, not all hope is lost. A similar case happened back in Monaco last year, and the car is undergoing restoration. This is because of the sheer value of F40s, which are at least $1.1 million in fair condition, and as high as $2.2 million in Concours condition. While the current car seems to be in much worse shape, with adequate funds, it will hopefully be able to see the open roads again.

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