F​rom an ugly duck to a beautiful swan

I​'d like to start with a side note; I don't think ducks are ugly, but it's just the saying...

12w ago

Some cars were beautiful from the day they got introduced; the DB9 for instance. Some cars were ugly when introduced and are still ugly today, take the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. Some cars used to be beautiful but the newer the generation, the uglier the car, the BMW 7 series for instance. But some cars used to be ugly and are now stunning. Who said car design is hitting a dept point these days?

Toyota Prius

T​he Prius, arguably the most hated car in the car community, is one of the cars from the last category. But why, the Prius actually is a good car, if you're looking for an economical, reliable and fairly cheap car without caring about cars, the Prius is perfect. Don't get me wrong, the first generations are hideous. However, the newest generation actually doesn't look bad, I'd almost say it looks good. And then, I suddenly noticed that solar-panelled roof in blue and have now declared it as good looking. Especially if you compare it to one of the older ones the immense improvement of its design is unmistakable.

Renault Espace

I​ always hated the looks of the Espace, its face is just weird and so is the spoiler (?!) on the roof. It looks like... it looks like... I can't even think of a comparison with the first four generations of this car. It's literally a van that evolved in the exaclty wrong direction. But suddenly, in 2015, Renault discovered that humans have eyes to see with and decided to put these eyes in use, to create a pretty good looking Espace. They call it a crossover now, for some weird marketing reason... and they're asking seventy-three-thousand euros (£62k/$87k). Which is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on an MPV, guess that's why they call it a crossover now. Knowing this, does make the car look less good.

L​iterally 90% of all Kias

N​o-one knows what happened in the past few years, but somehow Kia seems to make very good looking cars without anyone (but Aaron) noticing. Take the Rio, from something you never want to be seen in, to a worthy Polo competitor. Or the Sportage, which has a fluctuating design language, the first one was... a bit ugly and small, the second generation wasn't that bad and big and off-road looking, but the 3rd generation is an absolutely terrible SUV. Especially if you compare it to the brand new Sportage, which is an absolute (controversial) looker. I could list endless cars on here, the Cee apostrophe d for instance, that turned into the cee withoutapostrophe d nowadays.

O​pel Mokka

J​ohn will be thrilled, I'm going to talk shit about an Opel. Which isn't hard since you literally can't say anything positive about the design of the Mokka, it looks fat, heavy, ugly, stupid and very very fat. Did I mention it looks fat? It looks like nothing in the Opel lineup back in 2012, even the grille is different than the one on the Insignia, Astra, Zafira or Corsa... And then its name "Mokka", why name a car after somehting you can drink/eat. It does look like it ate too m uch mokka pie. Then they had a brainwave to name it the "Mokka X" while it still looked like it really needs to go to the gym. Then the new Mokka, now that's a looker, it looks like its been to the gym 24/7 for a year because it looks very smooth and fit. The only negative thing I can say about it is that stupid crome strip behind the rear window, making it look a bit like a hearse.

T​hanks a lot for reading! Comment your duck-swan favourite in the comment section!

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Comments (44)

  • Just to be clear on the ancient fable - it was an ugly duckling, and it was ugly because it stood out amongst the other ducklings. As it transpires, it was a swan, not a duck.

      2 months ago
  • If there is any car that has gone Boooootiful from Fugly/Meh, that award goes to the SEAT Leon. Bouy that thing is much better looking now!! Shoutout to the 208 as well

      2 months ago
  • Prius is still ugly

    Espace has improved for sure

    The new Kia Sorento looks awesome, but the new Sportage looks like an Aztek and

    Mokka looks good too

    Good article, by the way!

      2 months ago
    • I like the new prius and the Sportage, but they're really love or hate design


        2 months ago
  • Apart from the 3rd generation I think the Espace always looked nice

    Unlike the Prius which always was ugly and still is

    The new Mokka looks better than the old one, which literally looked like a turd in brown, but when I saw the new one in reality for the first time I was quite dissapointed by how boring it actually looks

      2 months ago
    • the old Mokka looks like a fat turd in any colour

        2 months ago
    • But in brown you actually can't tell a difference seeing a Mokka and a turd next to each other

        2 months ago
  • I would disagree on the Prius, but all Kias are spot-on. And how did you find a photo of an old Opel? I thought they all rusted away 😜😅😂😂

      2 months ago