From Endurance Racing to European Hills - Audi R8 LMS Hillclimbers

Built by Audi Sport to tackle Endurance events like the 24H of Nurburgring, 12H of Sebring among others on circuits like Spa, Zolder or Laguna Seca, the V10 powered mid-engined supercar has seen its popularity among Hillclimb Racers rise in the last years..

From Lopez Fombona, 2016 Spanish Touring Car class Champion, to Luis Monzon, 2017 Overall champion on the Canarias Regional Hillclimb Championship, to Erich Weber "aka" Tessitore, 2017 European Hillclimb Championship in the GT class, the R8 LMS is carving itself a proper palce among the legends of Hillclimb Racing.

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